Interacciai’s History

The company’s history is rooted in the very early 70’s when its founder, Fernando Spallanzani, revolutionised the steel distribution sector establishing branch depots at the very heart of the most promising industrial areas.

After a 50-year experience, Interacciai proves that its development model is successful in Italy and abroad.

Interacciai’s Mission

Still at present, Interacciai focuses its mission on satisfying its customers’ production requirements with continuity. By virtue of the synergism with the other group subsidiaries, Interacciai can guarantee its customers more accurate quality controls and a dedicated service with a higher degree of flexibility.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Interacciai S.p.A. and the whole Group have been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the following activities: sales, distribution and cutting steels and non ferrous materials.
Certificate ISO 9001:2015 Interacciai S.p.A.
Certificate ISO 9001:2015 Interacciai S.p.A. Group

The Group
  • Interacciai, leader in the distribution of special steels in Italy;
  • Tubimec, a company specialised in the purchase and distribution of tubes for mechanical applications. With its 2 branch depots situated in Northern Italy, the company supports Interacciai branch depots;
  • SMA Interacciai, AES Interacciai and DSS Interacciai operate respectively in France, Spain and Poland;
  • Stilma, a company founded in the early sixties, operates in the sector of cold working and heat treatments. It has 4 plants situated in the area between Reggio Emilia and Modena.
  • Modena Centro Prove, laboratory for tests and analysis;
  • Interea, active in the sector of renewable energies, the company enables Interacciai to pursue energy self- sufficiency on renewable sources;
  • Centro Ferriere, located in the same area of the former Acciaierie Ferriere. This historical area is positioned in a strategic spot due to its centrality and other services. The former Acciaierie Ferriere, which definitively became a brownfield site at the beginning of the 80’s, is at the core of an ambitious urban renewal project.

Our group in numbers

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More than 500 employees
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