Interacciai provides specialty steel supply solutions that rest on several key- factors such as an accurate manufacturers’ selection and a wide assortment of stocks in terms of grades and quantities; furthermore, our accurate management system that stands out by virtue of a precise product batch traceability, is another good reason to entrust us with your steel provisions. Besides this, our logistics structure equipped with cutting edge facilities and our personnel’s expertise, are additional elements that ensure our highly professional services.


Aiming to improve constantly the type of service provided, Interacciai implemented its own facilities with the most modern cutting equipment.

Presently, quality, rapidity and potentiality peculiar to Interacciai’s sawing service are some of the strengths that enable the company to ensure its customers’ business development by virtue of a synergistic and competitive partnership.


Continuous innovation along with the commitment to increase the level of service provided, led Interacciai to develop and optimize a logistics structure that can deal at best with the updated Just in Time needs which the modern market requires.

The storage capacity, the wide range of in-stock materials, the widespread transit network and the integration with its internal logistics, empower Interacciai to serve its customers promptly, with effectiveness and reliability.


Tracciaibilità Acciaio

Batch traceability managed within our company’s entire distribution network and production line, is a further warranty regarding the products supplied by Interacciai. Each bar is assigned an identification code by means of which the supplier of the raw material as well as the successive processing and marketing stages, can always be traced.

The whole material handling is managed through procedures regulated by a specific software which ensures the absolute collimation of every single batch and its respective Certificate of Analysis.

This operational method, which is a complete warranty for customers, leads the Company to intervene on possible production and delivery anomalies preventing all operational malfunctions


Rapidly-evolving control processes and operating procedures enabled Interacciai to obtain a Quality System Certification for each Branch depot

Interacciai can issue product certifications for every batch processed by means of specific tests carried out by our laboratory

Our quality management system is certified ISO 9001:2015

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